The official source on requirements for graduation is the Caltech Catalog from the year in which a student began studies at Caltech. Please see the catalog online, from this and previous years, for more information regarding the applicable option and minor requirements.
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The business, economics, and management (BEM) option is one of just a few undergraduate business programs of its kind in the nation. The BEM curriculum exposes students to core ideas and concepts from many fields—including finance, economics, political science, and psychology—while providing them with the analytic tools needed to excel in graduate programs and the modern business environment, including the financial industry, consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures. Today's business environment is complex, and therefore required courses in this option are highly analytic. Students often pair the BEM option with a science or engineering option.

Expected learning outcomes from completing the BEM option include:

  • a strong background in economic theory and econometrics;
  • an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of finance, risk management, and developing new ventures;
  • an ability to analyze business problems using qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • an ability to analyze financial and business data;
  • an understanding of the broader impacts of business and management on society in general; and
  • the skills necessary to pursue graduate education in finance, economics, and related fields.